Spiti Winters

Here to the wonderful people I came across, met, seen, greeted, lived with, traveled with during my winter days in Spiti.

Met these kids in Kalpa. They tried to impress me with their skating skills. Well, I am just naive. :D

Kids Skating in Kalpa

Kaza in Winters: Himachal Pradesh

Komic in Winters: Himachal Pradesh

Komic, situated at an altitude of 4587 meters is one of the highest villages in Asia and literally means the "Eye of the snow cock". This Quaint little farming village houses a population of 84 in 13 households. These photographs of Komic were taken during long and inclement months of Winters

Tabo in Winters: Himachal Pradesh

Situated 47 km in the east of Kaza, Tabo is the second largest town of Spiti valley. Tabo is popularly known for its ancient monastery (more than a thousand year old) and caves on the cliff used for meditation.Wall paintings inside the temples of the Monastery are rare remnants of civilization in Spiti. These photographs of Tabo were captured in the freezing and desolated month of Winters.

Dhankar in Winters: Himachal Pradesh

Situated at an elevation of 3890 meters, Dhankar is 7 km detour (from Attargo)and some 30 km east of Kaza, district headquarter of Spiti Valley. Dhankar is popularly known for an ancient monastery (more than a thousands year old) which is built on high cliff overlooking the merging of Spiti and Pin rivers. These photographs of Dhankar were taken in the month of January.

Key Monastery in Winters

Key monastery is situated on a rugged ridge overlooking the Spiti river at an elevation of 4166 meters. Key monastery is some 7 km from Kaza towards the road to Kibber. Key Gompa is more than thousands years old and since its foundation, it has gone through a series of attacks, invasion and even earth quakes hence it also witnessed restoration and patch up work which finally shaped it as a fort like structure. These photographs of Key were taken during winters.