Jeypore railway station: Snail-paced train from Jagdalpur and I reached Orissa

Jeypore Railway Station

“You raise the blade, you make the change
You re-arrange me 'til I'm sane.
You lock the door
And throw away the key
There's someone in my head but it's not me.”
Cloud laden horizon

In Orissa: Temples and the Sea, Puri & Konark
Travelogue Submitted By: vishnu.kumar7 on 2014-06-29

Rain stopped, clouds vanished, and sky was now filled with bright colors of moon and stars. It was that usual phenomenon when days are overcast and nights are clear. Sound of high tide sea waves was audible till the T-junction where auto guy dropped me. I was hunting an accommodation at Chakra Tirtha (CT) road which runs parallel to the beach and lined up with hotels, taverns, restaurants and souvenir shops.

In Orissa: Gopalpur on post cyclone sea
Travelogue Submitted By: vishnu.kumar7 on 2014-06-24

Mid-night, stray dogs were barking in the murky dark streets of Visakhapatnam. I just had my dinner and hit the bus stand to catch the overnight bus to Orissa. I falsely assumed roads along the eastern coastline will be good with frequent bus services but unfortunately there was no bus towards Orissa. Disappointed, I headed to railway station, East coast railways.

Quarter to 5 and I got down at Jeypore railway station which is in the middle of paddy fields and low rising hills of Eastern Ghats. Last 3 hours passed in chitchatting with highly vocal TT, silently observing the life in a slow-paced train passing through the tribal belt of India and munching fruits I purchased from Jagdalpur.

Chandipur: Orissa

Veiled under dense grove of casuarina and jumbled sand-dunes, Beach of Chandipur is a closet delight of Orissa's coastline. Chandipur beach is known for bizarre phenomenon of sea water receding upto 5 km at ebb tide. Gradual gradient of the beach allows sea for this drastic displacement and event occurs twice every day. Bustling fishing village of Mirzapur lies 2 km further up from Chandipur towards the mouth of a river.

Satapada: Orissa

48 km from Puri, Satapada is a quaint little village jutting into Chilika Lake and the most preferred base for boat trip to sight Irrawaddy dolphin. Besides dolphin sighting, there are also trips to Rajhansa Island (Sand bar separating Chilika and Bay of Bengal) which is close sea mouth. Rajhansa has got a long stretch of unspoiled sand. During winters, Satapada also becomes popular for bird watching around Islets of Chilika Lake.