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Mathera had been on my mind ever since I first made a list of places I wanted to see in India before I die.Finally after eons when i did get to see Matheran, it blew my mind.  This is why:

NO TITLE since I couldn’t think of a hooking one !


Let me first tell you for who all is this article NOT for.

1.    People looking for a place to visit with their family.

2.    People looking for a place to visit with girls in their group. (It’s BIG NO NO!!!)

3.    People looking for a place to visit and are a chicken! (If you know what I mean)


You’ll come to know the reason yourself soon enough.

Hotels in Lavasa

Any idea if the hotels in Lavasa are up and running?

Daulatabad fort (19.57 N, 75.15 E) was one the most powerful forts of the medieval Deccan. The defense system that made Daulatabad virtually impregnable comprises fortifications with double and even triple rows of massive walls.

Surrounded by innumerous archeological sites in the backdrop of arid and hilly landscape of Western Ghats, Aurangabad had been attracting all the powerful dynasties of medieval India due to strategic location. This region also witnessed a series of battles for acquiring its ownership.