Changpas of Ladakh

Changpa of Ladakh.

To watch them in action is eye feast, to spend time with them feels good and to live with them for few days is the great way to learn philosophy of life. They are not much so called rich or civilised people, but being with them and learn to live life in very simple ways is great learning where no university or collage can teach you. I must say money or a extraordinary book knowledge never teaches how to you should live life happily and peaceful. I am really lucky to be stay with them for last few of years, which really helped me to enrich my experience.

Chadar - Walk into 1000 Years Old History :)

“Class six rapids in summer, classic winter highway for centuries — the River Zanskar in Ladakh, boast many distinctions. The most recent thrust upon it is that of offering the “wildest trek” in the world, where temperatures often goes to -30° at night and -10° to -15° during day. The puzzle of constantly shifting ice will take your breath away, it’s a claim few dispute. There are few if any adventure treks on our planet to match the Chadar winter expedition for sheer, awe inspiring winter beauty and none to match it in terms of day to day challenge and excitement.


About Leh Trip


Our tentative plan for landing in Delhi Airport is 11:30 PM date 19th august.

I searched for busses to manali but i could not found any bus that start at that time from Delhi.

we are returning back on 28th august 6:30 PM from Delhi.

Info for leh – transport, sight seeing etc

Please help me with good info for leh – transport, sight seeing etc ?