I only received negative feedback about Gaya as a very dirty town and none recommended to stay there. Rajgir to gaya is scenic road with paddy lines on both sides occasionally adorned by boulders or palm plantation. Couple of broken bridges welcomed us enroute and bus had to cross dry rivers. Like always Bus was full till the rooftop.

Bihar Chronicles: Being Pilgrim in Rajgir
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Temple on the hill
                                            Secluded Temple on a hill

Evening Snacks of Bihar
                                          Evening Snacks in Bihar

History of Nalanda goes back to the days of Mahavira and Buddha in 6th century B.C. It was the place of birth and Nirvana of Sariputra, one of the famous disciples of Buddha.

Bihar Chronicles: Clueless in Patna
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View of Ganges from Golghar
                                            View of Ganges from Golghar

Situated on the northern shore of River Ganges, Vaishali is bordered by hills of Nepal on the northern side and touches timid river of Gandak on the west. As per a legend, Vaishali was once infested with plague and when Buddha entered Vaishali, it rained heavily expunging the town from all the infections.


Birth Place of Sher Shah Suri, Sasaram is famous for red sandstone tomb which floats on an artificial lake and built in Indo-Afgan style. Rohtasgarh fort is another prime attraction nearby.