Arunachal Pradesh

Tawang Valley: Arunachal Pradesh

Located very close to the internation borders to Bhutan and China, Tawang, the beautiful land of Monpas, dotted with colorful Tibetan-Buddhist monastery villages, often addressed with sobriquets "Land of dawn-lit-Mountains" or "the Hidden paradise". Sit in the lap of snow-speckled mountains, twang is the land of quaint little villages, prayer wheels fringed sleepy villages, exotic wetlands and elusive fauna. By far magical Tawang monastery, largest in India, is the prime tourist attraction of the valley which looks like a grand citadel in the backdrop of snow-clad mountains.

Sela Pass: Arunachal Pradesh

Situated at an elevation of 14000 feet, Sela is the gateway to Tawang Valley and connects it to rest of India. Courtesy Border Road Organization (BRO), Sela pass remains open through out the year barring landslides, heavy snowfall. Pass offers incredible view of a crystal blue water natural lake. High altitude wetland around Sela pass comprises nearly 101 alpine lakes with many having religious significance in Buddhism.

Dirang Valley: Arunachal Pradesh

In between Bomdila and Tawang lies the picturesque valley of Dirang which welcomes tourists with a usual hot water spring. Mahayaba is the main tribe of the region and traditions are similar to Western Bhutan. Dirang is rich with Apple and Kiwi orchards. Dirang is a popular base for the trekkers and bird watchers to Mandla (Mandla Phudong), situated 28 km from Dirang. Dirang is a paradise for naturalists. Unique flora includes many medicinal plants. Built in 1831, Dirang fort is a historical site of the town.

Tezpur to Bomdila

Mountain-hopping journey to Tawang, the "Little Tibet" of India is scenic portrayal of magical culture of Northwest Arunachal Pradesh. Occasional strings of colorful prayer flags adorn the bumpy ride over the unpaved roads going along hissing rivulets nearly camouflaged under the semi-tropical forest. Distant view of sprawl of bamboo huts precarious perching over the slopes hold the gaze of visitors intermittently. Tiring journey is quite a delight for discern visitors.

Festivals in Arunachal Pradesh

The Tribal society is dominated by Myths and Fictions. These bear the stamp of tribal creativity and imaginations. In one of the stories, Earth and Sky are spoken of lovers. In Singhpo story, God uses rainbow as the ladder to meet his wife on the moon. Adi Stories are dominated by Wiyu spirits who exercise great influence on Human life.

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