Welcome 2016: Bird Calendar

Like past few years, this year also I am presenting my thematic 2016 e-Calendar. The theme this year is ‘Sitting Birds’. All these photographs have been clicked by me during the course of my travels to various places last year.

Most of the photos like those of the Indian Sarus, the Pied King Fisher, The Indian Roller and many others have been shot at Sandi Bird Santuary in Hardoi Distt.of Uttar Pradesh. This bird sanctuary is located at an approximate distance of 18 km. on the Hrdoi – Sandi road. It was in the year 1990 it came into being for the purpose of creating a conducive environment for attracting migratory and local birds. The sanctuary houses a lake with an area of around 3 sq.km. and the river Garra, also known by its ancient name Garun Ganga flows nearby.

Few other photos like the White Breasted Kingfisher (an international award winning photo), the Purple Heron and the Plum Headed Parakeet etc. have been clicked while travelling to Unnao, Varanasi, Allahabad and Gorakhpur.

I am highly thankful to my friend Sh. Neeraj Shrivatava, an internationally acclaimed bird photographer and an authority on birds who suggested me to visit Sandi bird sanctuary in case I wanted to click some good bird photos. He has many books and publications on wildlife, notably birds, to his credit and can be aptly called a human encyclopedia on the subject.

I also express my sincere thanks to Sh. Abu Arshad Khan, the incharge of Sandi bird sanctuary who with his legendary and unparallel hospitality left no stone unturned to make my visit most fruitful, enlightening and also comfortable. A very well brought up young lad Mohit Goel who is much younger in age but miles ahead in the field of photography accompanied me during the visit.  Our other companion Anuj Nigam, another accomplished young photographer who has already made his mark in the field of time lapse photography couldn’t join us for some unavoidable reasons and we missed his absence many a time that day. I have learnt and have so much more to learn from these two youngsters in the field of photography.

The photo shoot lasted ten hours with a ninety minute lunch break and it yielded a rich haul of bird photographs including that of the rare sighting of courtship dance by the Sarus pair, photos of which would be showcased later on.

I would be grossly unfair to myself if I don’t express my heartfelt thanks to Vishnu, so dear and close to my heart, whose continuous encouragement despite innumerable fallacies in my work is highly motivating. With an insatiable urge to explore new places, he is a true visionary. His amazingly indefatigable spirit, never depleting reservoir of energy and suave demeanor endear him to one and all, strangers and friends alike.

I wish the entire team of Thinking Particle, all its members and readers a Happy New Year 2016.

Purple Heron


White Breasted Kingfisher



Green Bee Catcher


Plum Headed Parakeet


Crested Hawk Eagle


Black Redstart


Pied Kingfisher


Oriental Magpie Robin


Brahminy Staling



Indian Roller



Open Billed Stork


Borwn Headed Barbet



Purple Sun bird



I have no words to express my

I have no words to express my feelings ... Such awesome wonderful clicks by great person

Thanks for your comment...

Thanks for your comment... keep dropping by... Arun sir are indeed extra-ordinary..

History about Jodhpur (Heart

History about Jodhpur (Heart of Rajasthan) Jodhpur is known as the Heart of Rajasthan. This city was set up by Rao Jodha in the 14th century A.D. But till today this place assimilates the heritage of Rajas and Rajwadas and also restores it very beautifully....

Thanks for your comment..

Thanks for your comment.. Jodhpur is indeed very beautiful city.

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