Bijapur : City of Historical Monuments in Karnataka

A Trip to Karnataka

We decided to go on a trip to historical places and temples of Karnataka. Though Karnataka is known for its beautiful beaches, waterfalls and jungles but the real treasure of Karnataka is their well preserved historic places.

Vijapur / Bijapur

Bijapur, a small town bordering Maharashtra and Karnataka was once the capital of Adil Shah dynasty for more than 200 years. Bijapur is a city witness of wars and history from the period of chalukya  to Adil Shahi, Mugal shahi and Maratha. Bijapur is also known for its excellent Muslim architecture like Gol Gumbaz and Ibrahim Rauza.
Bijapur Gol Gumbaz
                                                               Gol Gumbaz Bijapur Karnataka
is some 6 to 7 hrs journey by road from Pune. so we caught the bus from Swargate bus stand at around 10 P. M and after a sleepless night on those bumpy roads we reached Vijapur bus stand at around 6 A. M next morning. After enquiring we got to know that there is a lodging facility at bus stand. It was very cheap and very well maintained, After morning abulation, we had typical south Indian breakfast and then started walking towards our first destination which was Gol Gumbaz.

Gol Gumbaz was built in 1659 as a tomb of Mohammed Adil Shah (ruled 1627-1657) the king of Adil Shahi dynasty. After St Peter's Basilica in Rome, Gol Gumbaz is the second largest dome structure in the world which is unsupported by any pillars.
Bijapur Gol Gumbaz
                                                       Gol Gumbaz Bijapur Karnataka
A beautiful garden surrounds Gol Gumbaz and there are two different structures which look like a single structure from first view. First one is a small two store building at front side which was a Nagarkhana (band room) at the time of Adil Shah and now it is a small museum which depicts the history of this city from Chalukya period to Adil shahi. Things related to Adil shahi are placed in this museum like their arms, clothes, pottery, letters and pictures.


Behind this building there is a huge dome structure with four high towers at four corners like a typical Muslim architecture and when we entered inside it, we were surprised to see that dome with the size never seen before, with voices and echoes from roof-balcony makes that dome more imposing. There is a tomb of Adil Shah in the middle on a simple stone platform with other 4 family members. Beside this platform you feel a breeze of air comes from floor windows which are part of the old cooling system which works like today’s air conditioners.
Gol Gumbaz : Tomb of Adil Shah
                                                                      Gol Gumbaz : Tomb of Adil Shah
There are stairs to corner towers which takes you to balcony. Going by that stairs was fatigued but worth for a view of Gol Gumbaz which you can see from small balcony. The first time when you saw the Gol Gumbaz from main gate it increases its grandness after every level you climb and it ends here at a view from balcony of that huge dome. After having this unforgettable experience we moved to our next location Malik – E – Maidan ( The Monarch of the Plains).
Malik-e-Maidan Bijapur Karnataka
                                                             Malik-e-Maidan Bijapur Karnataka

Malik E Maidan is the largest medieval canon in the world. It is 4 m long, 1,5 m in diameter and weight of 55 tons. It is placed on the Sherza Burj which was specially built for this canon. This canon is not just a mammoth size but beautifully crafted with loin jaw and some urdu and farshi inscribtions.
Ibrahim Rauza Bijapur Karnataka
                                                              Ibrahim Rauza Bijapur Karnataka

Ibrahim Rauza or Black Taj Mahal (Rauza means a tomb of a king and Makbara means a tomb of a queen) Ibrahim Rauza is a tomb of Ibrahim Adil Shah II and this architecture is known as a black Taj Mahal. It is said that this was inspirational design for The Taj mahal.

There are two structures facing towards each other. One is a Black Taj mahal and other one is Masjid (Mosque) and a water tank and fountain in the middle of these 2 structures.

There is a wonder in these two structures. If a person stands in the corner of Masjid and says something in soft voice it can be heard in the inner part of Ibrahim Rauza. But for this demonstration you need help from guide.
Ibrahim Rauza Bijapur Karnataka
                                                            Ibrahim Rauza Bijapur Karnataka

After visiting these wonderful historic places we caught the train from Bijapur at 3.00 pm for our next place Badami.

Reaching Bijapur/Vijapur:

Pune to Bijapur Road Map


By Road: From Pune to Bijapur 348 km. Busses available from Swargate bus stand. These buses are mostly of Karnatka government and between 9.00 pm to 11.00 pm there are 4 to 5 buses departs which goes PunePhansharpurMagakvedhaBijapur in 6 to 7 hrs.

Belgaum to Bijapur 205 km
Manglore to Bijapur 620 km
Baglore to Bijapur 580 km
Hyderabad to Bijapur 380 km

By Train: Mumbai – Bijapur fast passenger is available distance is Mumbai to Pune 195 km and Pune to Bijapur 375 km total 570 km. This passenger root is Mumbai – PuneDaundSolapurBijapur. It takes 12 hrs from Mumbai and 8 hrs from Pune.

Trains available from Belgaum, Manglore, Banglore and Hyderabad

Nearest Airport:


Heading out:

Badami a capital of Chalukya dynasty and a world heritage sight is just a 110 km from Bijapur.

Most buetyfull we must

Most buetyfull we must visiting that place

Thanks for your comment. Keep

Thanks for your comment. Keep dropping by.

Thanks visnu...Thanks

Thanks visnu...Thanks visnu...

Gol gumbaj is very beautyful.

Gol gumbaj is very beautyful.

Indeed it is one the most

Indeed it is one the most beautiful monuments...

Yes wonderful.......Pls visit

Yes wonderful.......Pls visit one time....

Thanks for your comment. it

Thanks for your comment. it is a wonderful place indeed.

+- Vishnu

I object as mentionedit

I object as mentionedit bijapur is small town it is district place having medicle and engineering colleges

Yes...that's correct...

Yes...that's correct...

gol gombaz is the best

gol gombaz is the best gombaz



Indeed it is...

Indeed it is...

one of d best man made

one of d best man made architect in d world. is superb... is superb...

I was browsing on internet

I was browsing on internet about my home town Bijapur.. The city of spectacular monuments... infact in my opinion its the richest region of karnataka...   Thanks Onkar for putting up this nice article. Have a good time Ramesh

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