08 Beautiful Lakes in South India

08 Beautiful Lakes in South India

Lake can be more fun, time pass and mind refreshment, which is why we’ve compiled a list of beautiful South Indian Lake Vacation where you can do boating, fishing and numberless activities to satisfy your adrenaline adventure rush.

1. Ooty Lake, Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Ooty Lake,Ooty, Tamil Nadu.jpg

Image Courtesy: Biju

From just behind the Central Bus Stand (also near the Railway station) the famous Ooty Lake stretches, in an irregular 'L' shape, for about 2.75 KM in length and varying distances in width (100m140m). For the curious, this lake was artificially formed by John Sullivan, the founder of Ooty, in 1823-25 by damming the mountain streams flowing down Ooty valley. At the far end is the Boat House, where all kinds of boats are available for hire from eight in the morning to six in the evening. Surrounded by lofty eucalyptus trees and shrubs the lake is a scenic delight to ones from the concrete jungles. At the boat house end, there is children's park with a toy train. A deer park is located in the adjacent area. Just outside the Boat house local ponies are available for jolly rides at a charge.

Boating Timing in Ooty Lake: 09.00 AM to 06.00 PM

How someone can get Ooty Lake?

Ooty Lake is just behind the Ooty Central Bus Stand

2. Malampuzha Lake, Palakkad, Kerala

Malampuzha Lake, Palakkad, Kerala.jpg

Image Courtesy: Smitha Kaippen 

Malampuzha Lake is a part of South India’s Popular Tourist Hot Spot, located in Malampuzha Garden, Palakkad, Kerala. There is a beautiful Japanese Garden located adjacent to this beautiful Lake. Guest can also enjoy an amazing, breathtaking Ropeway Ride over Malampuzha Lake. KTDC provide Boating Facility in Malampuzha Lake. Tourists can enjoy Pedal boat, Speed boat, Rowing boat facilities. It will be awesome view from Malampuzha Lake, once the Dam shutter opens during Monsoon. There are 02 Suspension Bridges (Hanging Bridges) over this Lake. Guest can see a beautiful Sculpture of “Yakshi” near to this Lake. Malampuzha Lake has been renovated recently and Thousands of Tourists from worldwide visits this attraction per Day along with a visit to Malampuzha Gardens.

Boating Timing in Malampuzha Lake: 09.30 AM to 06.00 PM

How someone can get Malampuzha Lake?

Malampuzha Lake is a part of popular Tourist Spot Malampuzha Garden and near to Rock Garden, Malampuzha.

3. Karanji or Karanjikere Lake, Mysore, Karnataka

Karanjikere Lake, Mysore, Karnataka.jpg

Image Courtesy: Rupa

Originally part of the Mysore Zoo, Karainji Lake (also called Karanjikere) in Mysore City is a sprawling water body in with a beautiful park around it. This is home to more than 5 dozen bird species, both local and migratory. You can easily spot on the fringes of the lake ducklings, darters and during the winter season, pelicans, painted storks, spoon bills , to name a few.

On top of this natural habitat, the park has a giant aviary, possibly the largest in the country. Essentially this is a massive net enclosure as high as a tall tree. Visitors can walk through this and observe the birds closely. Inside the aviary you will find a great number of peacocks, wildfowl’s and geese etc. At less than half the way through the park is the boating point. You can hire a pedal boat, if that doesn't sound like a easy proposition, hire one with a boatman to row for you. This is typically a round trip around those bushy islands in the lake. The ticket counter for boating is located next to the boating point.

This sprawling grassland facing the lake is an ideal picnic spot. The butterfly park is inside an island in the lake. The path through the park eventually takes you to that bridge to the island

Boating Timing of Karanji Lake: 08.30 AM to 05.30 PM, Tuesday is holiday.

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Karanji Lake is a part of the Mysore Zoo. Around 04 KM from Mysore City

4. Parambikulam Lake, Palakkad, Kerala

Parambikulam Lake, Palakkad, Kerala.jpg

Image Courtesy: Beauty of Kerala 

Parambikulam Lake is located inside Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, Palakkad. The whole sight of the Lake with its crystal clear water surrounded by lush green forests with otters playing along the banks will be very soothing. You can explore the beauty of the Lake by taking Bamboo Rafting provides by kerala Forest Department. A jungle Jeep / Mini Bus must be hired in order to access this beautiful Lake. A unique rowing experience cruising on the century old locally designed bamboo rafts through the vast reservoirs of Parambikulam Tiger Reserve. During the rafting one can witness the magnificent gift of nature. Also one will have an opportunity to unearth the history of Parambikulam Dam. Bamboo rafting is available in both Parambikulam and Peruvaripallam Dam.

Bamboo Rafting Timing in Parambikulam Lake: 09.00 AM to 05.00 PM

The tickets may be obtained either from Information Centre, Anappady and Parambikulam.

Maximum 5 visitors are permitted/ trip with 4 boatmen. Wearing of life Jackets are mandatory for the person taking raft ride. The charges are Rs. 100/ person/trip for thirty minutes. Maximum 05 persons / trip

How someone can get Parambikulam Lake?

Parambikulam Lake is as part of Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, Palakkad

5. Hussain Sagar Lake, Hyderabad, Telangana

Hussain Sagar Lake, Hyderabad, Telangana.jpg

Image Courtesy: Trekearth 

Built in the 16th century, Hussain Sagar Lake with a 3 km long dam wall is the largest artificial lake in Asia that connects the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Situated around 3km from the Hyderabad city center, it was built by Ibrahim Quli Qutub Shah in gratitude to Hussain Shah Wali, who had cured him from a disease. The tank fed by streams originating from the Musi River, supplies water to Hyderabad City.

A major attraction at the Hussain Sagar is the 16 meter high, 350 tone monolithic Buddha statue on the 'Rock of Gibraltar'. Installed at the center of the lake, the statue is entirely made of white granite. It was erected after years of successive disasters. Inaugurated by Dalai Lama in 1993, the rock can be reached by ferries. Gateways looks like Warangal fort gateways were erected in 1968 to mark the ends of the road that runs along the dam wall. Qutub Shahi monument stands 1.5 km east of Husain Sagar.

The Lake is bordered by four major spans of greenery, Indira Park in the East, Sanjeevaiah Park in the North, Lumbini Park in the South and a green belt stretch squeezed in between the Raj Bhavan Road and the Necklace Road. The lake is also lined with over 30 statues of famous personalities. Hussain Sagar has other attractions for lovers of water sports. Boating Club and Sailing Club, line the shore and the annual regatta draws a good number of sports lovers from all around the country. There is also parasailing facility available in the Hussain Sagar Lake.

Boating Timing in Hussain Sagar Lake: 09.00 AM to 06.00 PM

How someone can get Hussain Sagar Lake?

 Hussain Sagar Lake is situated just 02 KM away from Hyderabad City Center.

6. Kodaikanal Lake, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

Kodaikanal Lake, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu.jpg

Image Courtesy: Srikar Dhulipalla

The lake is situated at 10 deg 14' n latitude and 77 deg 28' longitude at an elevation of 2285m above sea level and it looks magnificent with star shaped glittering water, in the midst of evergreen lush slopes. This Lake is one of the main attractions for the tourists in Kodaikanal, which is at a distance of 03 KM from the bus stand. In 1863, Vera Levinge, a former District Collector of Madurai settled in Kodaikanal after his retirement. He was the man of resource and creative ideas for this lake. By spending his own money he converted the marshy land with several streams of lake by constructing a strong bund and brought boats from Tuticorin. It is reported that the foreign resident's even used to swim in the lake.

The lake is spread over 60 acres and surrounded by fine tarred road of 05 KM length, the maximum depth in 1962 was 11.5m but it is now about 9m due to siltation. The average depth is 3.0m. The boat club provides boats for hire. There are luxury boats also. The famous Carlton hotel is facing the lake and the hotel is having their tour boats for their customers. Today Lakhs of tourists walk around, sail on, ride on Horses & Cycles and admire the Lake. Fishing can also be done obtaining permission from Inspector of Fisheries. Pony rides by children and adults walking around the Lake are part of Kodai Holiday.

Boating Timing in Kodaikanal Lake: 09.00 AM to 06.00 PM

How someone can get Kodaikanal Lake?

Kodaikanal Lake is situated just 03 KM away from Kodaikanal Main Bus Stand.

7. Ousteri Lake, Puducherry / Pondicherry

 Ousteri Lake, Puducherry.jpg

Image Courtesy: Lok Raj Bist             

The century old man-made Ousteri Lake - also referred to as Osudu Lake - is situated about 10 kms from Puducherry town and has been recognized as one of the important wetlands of Asia by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) and it is the most important freshwater lake in the Pondicherry region. The structure of the lake is complex - consisting of water, wetland/marsh and mudflats; it acts as the single largest catchment of fresh water in Puducherry. A wide range of aquatic species is found here. Pedal boating is available for visitor's leisure by Tourism Department. 

Boating Timing in Ousteri Lake: 09.00 AM to 05.00 PM

How someone can get Ousteri Lake?

Ousteri Lake is situated just 10 KM away from Puducherry / Pondicherry Town.

8. Durgam Cheruvu Lake, Madhapur, Andhra Pradesh

Durgam Cheruvu Lake, Madhapur, Andhra Pradesh.jpg

Image Courtesy:fl_amit

Durgam Cheruvu is mainly known as the ‘Secret Lake’. This lake is made of prehistoric rocks and is the lake of its own. This lake is basically called as the Secret Lake because of its presence hidden by the formation of rocks. This lake is just nearby the craft village of Shilparamam at Madhapur. In order to attract the visitors, the maintenance of this lake was done by the State Tourism Department in a very large scale. Here in this lake, visitors also enjoying camping, trekking, pedal boating, water scooter riding etc.

Boating Timing in Durgam Cheruvu Lake: 09.00 AM to 08.00 PM

How someone can get Durgam Cheruvu Lake?

Durgam Cheruvu Lake is situated around 20 KM away from Hyderabad City.

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